Why Choose Us

1.One Orthodontist, One Location

Unlike any other dental clinics or local orthodontic offices, Dr. Minars has only one location. You can count on his personal attention at every appointment. Offices with multiple doctors and locations can not only be confusing but can actually extend treatment time and quality. Dr. Minars actually lives within walking distance of his office, and has even been known to meet patient after hours within minutes of a phone call for an emergency.

2. Individual Care and Attention

Your smile is unique, so your orthodontic treatment needs to be too! Dr. Minars understands that no two patients are alike. That's why Dr. Minars takes the extra time to evaluate your specific needs and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to fit those needs. This plan will be reviewed before your treatment begins.

3. Legendary Customer Service

Dr. Minars believes that "the customer experience" is equally important as "straight teeth." We treat our patients like family. Orthodontics is not a one-time appointment, it is more of a long term relationship that can last from 2-3 years, and we want it to be a positive experience. We want our patients to remember us for many years to come.

4. Experience

Dr. Minars has over 13 years of orthodontic experience, and has been creating smiles in Hollywood Florida since 2001. He is a specialist in orthodontics, NOT a general dentist who practices braces or Invisalign as a "side business." Dr. Minars chose to pursue Orthodontics so that he can be an expert in one area of dentistry.

5. No Hidden Costs or Surprises during Treatment

We "inform before we perform," with no surprises, hassles or stress. Dr. Minars will always tell you what he's going to do, how long it will take, and how much it will cost before starting. We communicate openly with our patients.

6. Experienced Staff and Certified Orthodontic Assistants

All of Dr. Minars assistants are certified for expanded orthodontic duties and also have certificates in dental radiography. Not only are they qualified to work here, but they enjoy being part of the team. In fact, most of his staff has been part of the team for many years.

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