Unsupervised Medicine is DANGEROUS!
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Unsupervised Medicine is DANGEROUS!

No matter if it is in regards to your cardiac health, vision, lungs, kidneys, etc. A reasonable person would not complete treatment that is not recommended or prescribed by their doctor. Now why is that? As a society, we have trusted these individuals to rigorously study a specific field of the human body for 4+ years so they can share their knowledge and better the lives of all people.

If we would not take un-prescribed medicine for our mental health -let's say- why do we think it's alright to complete orthodontic treatment at home and unsupervised? No one would stay home and insert their own IV, so why think it's not dangerous to start tooth movement at home? It is the same idea, just different packaging. It is necessary for an orthodontist to do periodic and radiographic evaluations. An orthodontist can provide the most effective treatment plan required for a specific patient.

Two major things are required to properly move teeth: FORCE and SPACE. However, without any space, where would your teeth move to? If your teeth are aligned, what about your bite? These are questions anyone must consider when planning to start orthodontic treatment at home. There are dangers to practicing unsupervised medicine resulting in unwanted outcomes that a certified orthodontist will have to fix later on. If a patient were to see and start treatment with a licensed orthodontist from the start, the whole issue could be avoided altogether.

Here's an article from the American Dental Association (ADA):https://www.ada.org/en/publications/ada-news/2017-archive/november/ada-discourages-diy-orthodontics-through-resolution